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About RCSCC Oakville

The History of HMCS Oakville & RCSCC Oakville

On Wednesday November 5th 1941, Oakville residents thronged to Lakeside Park to join in and cheer at dedication ceremonies for the corvette HMCS OAKVILLE. Residents, semi-military, military and civilian units paraded through the streets. Mrs. F.M. Deans, wife of Mayor M. Deans, dedicated the corvette. Rev. Canon D. Russell Smith blessed the vessel. All community and civic organizations were represented in the guards of honour. 


OAKVILLE went off to World War II and on August 28th 1942, sunk a German U-boat, U-94, one of only three corvettes to do so during the war. A Men of Valor poster commemorates this historic event.


On June 11th 1989, Lieutenant Governor Lincoln Alexander unveiled a stone cairn in Tannery Park dedicated to the Officers and Crew who served in HMCS OAKVILLE.  On May 14th 2016, the Town of Oakville honoured HMCS OAKVILLE by raising a commemorative plaque, written by Lt(N) Sean E. Livingston CD to accompany the cairn. 


A book titled “Oakville’s Flower: The History of HMCS Oakville” by former Commanding Officer Lt (N) Sean Livingston  details these historic events and reveals the bravery and valour of the crew.

On Saturday November 6th 1999, RCSCC OAKVILLE was formally commissioned. This Sea Cadet Corps has the honour of holding the same pendant number as HMCS OAKVILLE - K178. The Badge the Sea Cadets wear on their tunics is reminiscent of the original town crest and the gun shield created for HMCS OAKVILLE. 

On Sunday May 28th 2000, RCSCC OAKVILLE held its 1st Annual Inspection and celebrated another victory. We continue this tradition in the hope that OAKVILLE will continue to uphold the fine maritime traditions of our community.

The Officers and Staff of RCSCC OAKVILLE.png

Lt (N) M. King, CD

Commanding Officer

Welcome to Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps OAKVILLE!
The Sea Cadet Program is one of the most unique youth programs available today!

The experiences gained by every cadet are truly second-to-none!  Many involved in the program, both staff and cadets, will say that the more you put into the program, to more you will get out of it... and that couldn't be a truer statement! 
Cadets who immerse themselves in the Sea Cadet Program, and try out everything they can, will gain life skills and experiences that you just can't get anywhere else!

The program is designed to build leadership skills of the cadets, so that by at least their 4th year in the program, they are taking on leadership and instructional roles, to lead, supervise and teach the younger cadets.  This builds self-confidence, organizational skills, personal management and so much more.  We take pride in watching our cadets grow and thrive in various positions and situations!

Where else can you sail on a sailboat, work on a Coast Guard Vessel, travel across the country for a summer training course, gain incredible self-confidence, earn high school credits and make life long friends?!

We would love to meet you!  Come check out the Oakville Sea Cadets - and see what you've been missing!

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