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Scrap Metal Recycling

Metal Shearing

Scrap Metal Recycling Program

Fundraising to Support the Oakville Sea Cadet Program

100% of donations will go directly into the operation of the RCSCC Oakville

  • All metal accepted…copper, brass, batteries and lead of any type, including insulated wire. 

  • Home Appliances: washing machine, dryer, stove, fridge, dishwasher, BBQ, lawnmower, snow blower, microwave, toaster oven

  • Home Renovation Items: pool heater, central and window air conditioner, furnace, pipe, sink, tap, eaves trough, siding, chain link fence, anvil, power tool, screw, nail, bolt, nut, doorknob, hinge, screen door, metal blind, metal weight, forge, any hardware items...

  • Electronics: TV, stereo, computer, printer, speaker, phone, typewriter

  • Auto parts: lead wheel weight, brake disc, brake shoe and pad, brake drum, alternator, starter, exhaust system, catalytic converter, mobile rim (with or without tire), electrical and outboard motor, trailer

  • Household items: bike, exercise equipment, ladder, aluminum patio table and chair, backyard furniture, umbrella, cooking pot, frying pan, kettle, knives and all silverware

Call 416-804-2143 or email

We will pick up any scrap metal!!

Charitable Donation receipts provided upon request.

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