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The Oakville branch of the Navy League of Canada (NLC) helps support RCSCC OAKVILLE with securing training facilities, acquisition of material, event support, and fundraising for optional training. A group of dedicated volunteers helps maintain RCSCC OAKVILLE as a viable enterprise for the development of interest in maritime affairs, as well as Canadian naval traditions.

The NLC Oakville Branch would like to thank the Optimist Club of Oakville and Bronte Harbour Yacht Club for their support of RCSCC OAKVILLE’s sail program as well as the Optimist sponsorship of our Swim program and competition. The Royal Canadian Legion’s Oakville and Bronte branches also deserve recognition for their support throughout the year.

Any member of the Oakville community with an interest in youth development or maritime affairs is invited to join our team. The Navy League is always looking for new members to assist in fundraising, event planning and execution, or promotional work. If you or someone you know is interested in joining, please email

Message from President, Navy League (Oakville)

As the current President of the Oakville Branch of the Navy League, I welcome you to the

Royal Canadian Sea Cadet program and also to the Oakville Branch of the Navy League of


The role of the Navy League is to support the delivery of the Sea Cadet training by providing
facilities for parade nights and events, additional training material, funding of auxiliary
programs, and volunteers to augment corps staff.  The Navy League also acts to liaise with
community partners for financial and other support and manages the Branch’s funds in a
fiduciary manner.

The Navy League of Oakville welcomes all parents and interested parties to come and join.

In particular, we need support for various activities during the year, including fundraising, swim team coaching, and mentors for the Duke of Edinburgh program. Donations and fundraising drives are essential to cover the costs of optional activities. Last year alone some of these events included scuba diving familiarization, swim team training and competition, air rifle range training and competition, local trips, mess dinner and adventurous physical fitness nights to name a few.

Your contribution adds immeasurably to the cadet experience and is extremely rewarding personally.

We need your support and would love to meet you. Please approach any one of the current Navy League members, and reach out – share your skills, time and energy – our youth reap the rewards!


Kind Regards,

Mike Rickards, CD

As a parent, how can I help?


The cadet program is both demanding and rewarding for cadets and provides them with a lifetime of skills and experiences. Your support as parents will help your cadet succeed and grow in the program. Take a moment to read the Cadet Parent Handbook which is a reference guide on the Corps procedure, the Sea Cadet Program and the Navy League. 


Ways you can support your cadet in the program:

  • Join the Team App and email list so you are informed of activities well in advance

  • Ensure you know about the timing of activities so they can be on time and be picked up promptly

  • Provide reminders to the cadet about their responsibilities to keep their uniform up to standard, including boot polishing and sewing of badges – but do NOT do these things yourself!

  • Come in a few minutes early when picking up your cadet at parade nights to hear announcements and chat with other parents, especially on Ceremonial Divisions where special events (such as awards) may take place

  • Transport your son/daughter (and maybe their friends) to and from parade nights and cadet activities

  • Encourage your cadet to participate in Corps teams and activities so they the most out of the Corps

  • Volunteer with the Oakville Navy League. 

To learn more how parents can volunteer with the Navy League, complete the Navy League Parent Information form below and email it to Any questions, donations or suggestions on how we can best support the Cadets and the cadet program, please email the Navy League team at


RCSCC Oakville is sponsored by:

Bronte & Oakville Legion

RCSCC Oakville


Phone: 905-464-0674

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