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Personal Appearance

Male Personnel




As guidelines, hair shall be:


  • neatly groomed;

  • taper-trimmed at the back, the sides, and above the ears, to blend with the hairstyle. A straight cut at the neck is permissible when the tapered appearance is maintained;

  • not more than 15 centimetres (6 inches) in length and short enough so that when hair is groomed and headdress removed, no hair touches the ears or collar, or falls below the top of the eyebrows. The distance of the hair from the collar for the average man should be 2.5 centimetres (1 inch) but this may vary according to whether the individual has a short or long neck; and

  • not greater than 4 centimetres (1½ inches) in bulk at the top of the head with the bulk gradually decreasing from the top to blend with the tapered trimmed sides and back; and does not interfere with the proper wearing of any military headdress.



Male cadets are expected to be clean-shaven.

Reasonable medical or religious considerations will be


Sideburns shall:


  • not extend below the point where the top of the ear lobe joins the face;

  • be squared off in a horizontal line at the bottom edge; and

  • be taper-trimmed to conform to the overall hairstyle and of even width.

Female Personnel



Hair shall be kept neat and well-groomed and shall not extend below the lower edge of the jacket collar. Varying hairstyles, straight or curled are permitted within these limits but exaggerated or bizarre styles including those with excessive fullness or extreme height are not authorized. In no case shall the bulk of the hair interfere with the proper wearing of military headdress. Hair ornaments shall not be worn. Bobby pins, hairpins and similar items used to secure the hair shall not be visible.

Braids, if worn, shall be styled conservatively and tied tightly, secured at the end by a knot or a small-unadorned fastener. A single braid shall be worn in the centre of the back. Double braids shall be worn behind the shoulders. Hair shall be a maximum length when gathered behind the head and braided which does not extend below the top of the armpit. Multiple braids and/or cornrows shall be directed toward the back of the head, pulled tight to the head and secured at the end by a knot or a small-unadorned fastener. Multiple braids extending below the lower edge of the collar are to be gathered in a bun.

Pony Tails, if worn, shall be styled conservatively and tied tightly by a knot or a small unadorned fastener. A pony tail shall be worn in the centre of the back.


Make-up shall be conservatively applied when in uniform. This precludes the use of false eyelashes, heavy eyeliner, brightly coloured eye shadow, coloured nail polish and excessive make-up.


The wearing of jewelry by personnel in uniform is restricted. Wrist watches, ID or Medic Alert bracelets are permitted. A maximum of two rings may be worn provided that they are not of a gaudy or costume nature. Personnel in uniform shall not wear necklaces or chains about the neck. Females may wear only a single pair of plain gold, silver stud or white pearl earrings in pierced ears. A healing device of similar size not to exceed 0.6 cm. in diameter and spherical in shape may be worn while ears are healing after piercing. Only a single earring or healing device, worn in the centre of each ear, may be worn at a time.

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